We have created a range of webinars to help you get started with iKnow Church. We have broken these down into three core sessions, as well as a number of specific webinars for Team/Group Leaders, Finance Administrators and Children’s Workers. To view more information about each session, simply follow the link for further details.

Please note that as our offices are based in the UK, all times listed are in GMT.

To register your place please fill in the form below. You will need to have an active or trial iKnow account setup for your church. If you do not have one yet then fill in the 30 day trial once you have registered for the webinar.  

Core Sessions

Session 1 - Setting Up iKnow (60 Minute Webinar)

Our Setting Up iKnow Webinar takes a look at how to set-up iKnow correctly and tailor the system to your church. The session is designed to help you implement the system correctly from the off-set. View the webinar breakdown here.

Next Session(s):

  • Wednesday 25th October - 2pm
  • Friday 3rd November - 4pm
  • Monday 6th November - 7pm
  • Wednesday 15th November - 11am
  • Tuesday 28th November - 2:30pm 

Session 2 - iKnow Basics (60 Minute Webinar)

Our iKnow Basics Webinar takes a look at some of the core features within the system that will be used most frequently. View the webinar breakdown here.

Next Session(s)

  • Wednesday 25th October - 4pm
  • Monday 6th November - 8:15pm
  • Wednesday 8th November - 3pm
  • Tuesday 21st November - 11am
  • Wednesday 6th December - 3pm 

Session 3 - iKnow Going Further (60 Minute Webinar)

Our final core session takes a look at a wide range of the features in iKnow that facilitate everything from reporting to ticketing for special events. View the webinar breakdown here.

Next Session(s)

  • Thursday 26th October - 9:30am
  • Tuesday 7th November - 2:30pm
  • Thursday 23rd November - 9:30am

Role-Specific Sessions

Child Check-in Intro and Setup (60 Minute Webinar)

Child Check-in is designed to help streamline the check-in procedure for children at church events. The system was developed alongside CCPAS and really helps to speed up the check-in procedure as well as ensuring the highest level of safeguarding.  View the webinar breakdown here.

Next Session(s)

  • Thursday 9th November - 4pm
  • Wednesday 29th November - 9:30am

iKnow for Team Leaders (20 Minute Webinar)

In this session we will be taking a look at how iKnow can be used by team leaders. This is specifically aimed at service teams, where a rota is required. We will will look at everything from creating and adding members to teams through to the day to day operation. View the webinar breakdown here.

Next Session(s)

  • Monday 6th November - 7:30pm
  • Wednesday 8th November - 10am

iKnow for Group Leaders (20 Minute Webinar)

In our group leaders session, we will focus on how iKnow can be used by life/cell/connect group leaders. The groups module is designed for small groups of people that meet throughout the week in a smaller setting, where you may wish to track attendance and track members pastorally. View the webinar breakdown here.

Next Session(s)

  • Thursday 2nd November - 10am
  • Monday 6th November - 8pm
  • Wednesday 8th November - 11am

iKnow Finance (60 Minute Webinar)

Our finance webinar is designed for anyone who is responsible for the money that is coming into the church. Our finance module is designed as a gift management system with full HMRC Gift-Aid integration. View the webinar breakdown here.

Next Session(s)

  • Wednesday 1st November - 10am
  • Thursday 23rd November - 2:30pm

Room Booking (60 Minute Webinar)

Our room booking webinar will provide an overview of our new Room Booking module. The session will cover everything from the initial setting up through to the day to day operation. Whether you have just one hall or you hire out multiple rooms, the session will show you how iKnow can help you to organise your room booking more effectively. View the webinar breakdown here.

Next Session(s)

  • Wednesday 1st November - 4pm
  • Thursday 23rd November - 11:30am 

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