4 Simple Steps to Start Taking Online Donations

First published on: 4th May 2022

Whether you’re new to running Church online or if you’re a veteran to navigating the tides and trends of online Church presence, you’ll no doubt have found how important accessibility to giving is for a Church.
But did you know it can be as simple as 4 steps using iKnow Church?


1- Set up your Finance module by adding your Church and Charity details:

All of this can be completed within your iKnow Church account. We’ve even got a video guide to lead you through the process!



2- Add a Campaign: 

Campaigns are simply ‘collections’ or ‘causes’ that you’re collecting for. You may just want the one campaign and all donations go into there, or perhaps you’re collecting for a particular cause, you can set up as many or as few as you need!



3- Enable Giving Page:

Whether you just need a page to email out to your Church Members or you want to embed one on your website, you’ll need to set up the page which people Donate at. 



4- Add the Giving page to your website: 

Once you’ve set the page up, all you need to do is to embed this on your website or simply distribute the direct link! 


Don't forget that with iKnow Church you can also easily claim Gift Aid in just a few clicks. 

If you need any help, or wanted to discuss this with our team, you can get in touch on helpdesk@iknowchurch.co.uk 

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