Resourcing the church through the Coronavirus


The public impact of the Coronavirus that we are facing is far and wide. We are aware that many churches have already suspended gatherings, and many more are looking to follow suit in the coming weeks. The church can respond in love to the Coronavirus, both for its members, but also the wider communities that the local church exists in

At iKnow, our heart is to resource local churches. During this time, we are offering iKnow Church as a free resource for churches to use to help maintain communication and interaction with their community. 

iKnow Church and support will be available until 30th September 2020. 


How can iKnow Church help?


Use the communication suite to send emails and text messages to the congregation. Share important messages and encouraging words quickly and easily.


Use the app to keep your church updated with key messages and encouragement.


Create online forms so that members of the community can contact the church to notify of needs, and prayer requests. Embed these in your website, or send them directly in an email.


With gatherings suspended, many churches will have less opportunity to receive giving from church members, however there are still bills to pay. Use the online giving platform on iKnow to encourage church members to donate to the church online.

Small Groups/Group Leaders

Church will start to look different with the new goverment guidance and your small group leaders will still need to communicate with their group. They can use iKnow for communication, scheduling online group chats and meetings. You can also continue to prepare for life beyone the Coronavirus.


A map showing where people live helping you to see who lives closest to those in need.

Terms and Conditions.

* Subject to availability.  Only for churches that are not currently signed up to an iKnow Church subscription. For new users, iKnow Church is completely free until the 30th September 2020 but does not include the sending of text messages or finance transaction charges should this be used. 

Support Our Work

We are providing iKnow Church completely free for churches* until 30th September 2020 to help churches during this difficult time. 

If you feel able to make a contribution to support this work then you can do by clicking the button below. If you want to contact us regarding this or need an invoice/receipt then please contact us via email,


We've put together a resource to help churches keep moving during Covid-19

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