April 2022 Updates

First published on: 11th April 2022

These are the latest updates applied to iKnow Church over April 2022.

Finance Updates

The new Finance module released in March has received great feedback and we are really pleased with the response!  We've added a number of minor enhancements and will continue to do so over the coming months:

Gift Aid Listing - this now shows the number of donations as well as the number of donors

Access - we've now made the Access area more intuitive so that View has to be selected before any of the higher access is given. 

Access to iKnow Church/ Charity finance moduke

Search for an existing Donor when processing a transaction from the Transactions tab - A new search field allows you to search for a donor if you do not have their giving id or you want to check they do not already exist. The donor details will then be added and the card/ direct debit donation will be associated with that donor.  

Selecting a donor when adding a transaction

Minor Updates

To Do List - the To Do list makes it easy for tasks to be assigned to people such as following up on a new visitor, or responding to a Pastoral Care need. Sometimes the To Do lists can build up and so we've now made it easier to mark a task as Complete without having to go into each task. Just click on the Complete button at the end of each task - the first time you do this you will be asked to Confirm, but subsequent tasks will be marked as Complete with just one click. 

To Do list

My Availability - this was renamed from My Holiday a few months ago and we've now added the ability for users to amend any unavailability that they have added.

Local Branding in the Communication Suite - for churches with multiple locations when sending out an email or generating a letter using the Communication Suite, it will now show any local branding that you have setup for iKnow.

Finder Queries - now allows special characters to be added to the name.  We've also added a new Finder query so you can search for when a custom field is 'empty' or 'not empty'

Child Checking - for very large groups of people, the check-in/out didn't always scroll on some devices. This has now been resolved.



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