Church Management - we don't charge for the people you are trying to reach

Growth SmallThe concept of church growth and making disciples is the very essence of the Christian life and every church has its own unique calling in growing and gaining disciples. 

As part of the UK's Largest Christian Software Company working with well over 1,000 churches our team understand this fundamental principle of welcoming as many visitors and guests into church doors as possible so as to make Christ known in the world around us. Every church has it’s own ministry focus, whether it be the electoral role, sending out missionaries, running Alpha courses, CAP courses, toddler groups, food banks, regular church planting, leadership cultivation or going into the community and meeting local needs; every church has a wider focus than just ministering to the needs of existing Christian members. 

Having a church database system in place can be of considerable help in managing not only the needs of the church membership but also in creating meaningful and personal connections with those that the church is reaching out towards. 

The concept therefore, of charging churches to keep the details of those who are not yet members of the church to the iKnow church database system, or for those who are not attending your church but need to stay in touch (such as missionaries or friends of the church), seems to us unreasonable. 

Most database systems will charge per number of contacts added, however for many churches, the number of what we call ‘missional contacts’ (i.e: those who are on your database for the purpose of fulfilling the mission of the church) will often outnumber the number of regular Christian attenders. 

The iKnow team are passionate to see the church grow, which is why we do not charge for those you assign as a ‘missional contact’ on the iKnow church database, we also do not charge for children under 17, or for those who fall outside of who you deem to be a ‘regular church member’.

If you would like to find out more about our pricing structure then click here to view our pricing plans, or give our office a call on 0121 651 1125, or email us at and a member of our team will gladly assist you.

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