iKnow. Do You?

First published on: 9th February 2022

iKnow. Do you?

As we continue through the year (as if it’s February already!) and Church life returns to what it once was, we thought it would be a good idea to take a brief look at some of the key features within iKnow that have been designed to serve you in all areas of Church happenings.


The iKnow church database will store all of your contacts in one place so that you can easily communicate with the people you’d like to. If you’d like your church members to get logged in to iKnow, you can create custom access levels so that everyone can see only what is relevant to them.

Sometimes you’ll want to record specific details for your contacts. When it comes to the information you can store, there is no limit. There is an opportunity to use our custom fields to create any and all of the sections you need to record data.

Forms and Custom Fields

Create digital forms to attain any information you need from church members and visitors, or use forms to allow members to submit pastoral concerns themselves.

If there is anything you need to track at your church, you can create unique custom fields in people's profiles to record it.


The finance module in iKnow can track any giving you receive. Input all cash giving and process card payments too. You can then assign any giving to the appropriate campaign or designation. You’ll always be able to separate donations for the new roof, missions or the upcoming outreach trip.

You can also claim Gift Aid quickly (within 7 business days) using our full HMRC integration. This means you’ll have more accessibility to increased cash flow. And with our all new Finance Module coming soon, ensuring you’re on top of your finances will be even easier!

Teams and Rotas

One of the things that unites churches across the country is the love-hate relationship we have with our rotas. We love our teams, and the people who serve in church, but sometimes managing a rota can feel chaotic. Our Teams and Rotas module will help. Let your church members log their availability online, and have oversight of any clashes, then simply send your rota out by email. Noone will forget that they are serving with reminders that are automatically sent without you lifting a finger!

Events and Room Bookings

Manage your church meetings and events, from your first plan, to invitations, tickets, and eventually event check in. Embed your iKnow calendar into a church website so that newcomers and church members alike can keep up to date with what’s happening.

You can also manage the booking of any rooms and spaces from iKnow, with the dedicated room booking module.

Plan all services and meetings with input from team members. You can create plans that can be accessed and edited by those who are involved in an event. You can also send invites and attachments in order to manage all of the elements of an event.

Groups and Networks

A lot of churches use small groups as a way to ensure individuals in the church are being discipled. The Groups module of iKnow can help you to manage this part of your church. The module encourages communication between group leaders and group members, as well as a calendar and the ability to take group attendance, including Pastoral alerts. This can all be fed back to a Group Overseer, as well as any pastoral concerns that a group leader might want to chat about.

Mobile App

Our iKnow App is a fantastic opportunity to allow your church members to sign in to iKnow via the app and stay fully updated with what is happening at the church.

The above isn’t even everything! See our Features page for more info; and our Support page for helpful ‘walk through’ tutorials.


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