GDPR Tools

Due to the large amount of data that churches put into iKnow Church, Data Protection has always been very important to us.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes Data Protection a lot further and places more demands on organisations, as well as giving additional rights to individuals. If you want to know more about GDPR then we have created a dedicated website here

As the Data Processor for many UK churches, we've developed a range of tools to help churches fulfil their obligations under GDPR. These tools all come as part of iKnow Church.

All your church data in one secure place

The Information Commissioner's Office ( has advised against church volunteers having sensitive data from other members stored on their personal email addresses.  By using iKnow Church, it means that personal data for all of your church members can be stored in one secure database with access given according to a person's role within the church.  Should that person leave the church or no longer run a ministry, then their access to iKnow Church can be reduced or revoked. 

Recording Lawful Basis for storing and processing personal data

Gaining Consent

Church Privacy Notice

Communication Preferences

Data Subject Access Requests 

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